Intellectual property

At SOARMA we care a lot about your peace of mind and, therefore, we are committed to complying with industrial and intellectual property laws, international treaties and regulations applicable to all types of commercial operations, including the operation of digital platforms.

Likewise, we are committed to respecting the rights of sellers, users and holders of the rights of brands and intellectual property rights that are published on our website. to which you have access, for which the reproduction, use, publication and commercialization of products that violate in any way the industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties is prohibited.

SOARMA prohibits the use of industrial property rights used here for purposes other than those entrusted to them, that is, for the purpose of advertising the product on this internet portal .

It is made known to all users that SOARMA operates solely as a commercial intermediary for the products offered by this sales format, being directly responsible for the sale of the product the seller of the same.

SOARMA has a zero tolerance policy for sellers who have sold stolen or counterfeit products. If as a result of an investigation it has been determined that there is evidence of violations of the terms and conditions of the platform, the seller will be blocked and removed from our platform, without any responsibility for SOARMA.


Importaciones Soarma, S. de R.L. de C.V. ("SOARMA") asks you, if you have any questions or complaints related to industrial or intellectual property rights, make available to you the email so that you can inform us if some of your rights have been infringed or violated.

Once the claim is received, SOARMA will review the information and carry out the corresponding investigations, reserving the right to disable or continue marketing, where appropriate, the allegedly infringing product, of in accordance with the results of its own investigation and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions on the matter.


In the event that SOARMA receives a claim against the Seller for infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights with respect to one or more products, the Seller may submit the documentation that, at its discretion, supports the legitimate sale of its product, describing in detail the considerations it deems appropriate.